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Jua Solar Panel


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Type: Solar Panel

Need more Power? Adding new panels!

Jua Solar can be used in many differrent situations: hiking, sporting events, camping, biking etc. Thanks to its magnets Jua panels can be attached to all metalic surfaces and to other Jua panels, in series or parallel, allowing you  to increase power and voltage.

If you've already purchased a kit with the cable, add more panels to increase the power or the voltage.

Power Output: 4,2 W Pmax / 0,75 A / 5,5 Vmp /
Size:  170 * 170 * 0,5 mm
Weight:  0.240 kg


Application Class C - STC 1000W/m2 spectrum AM 1.5 and cell temperature 25°C

Content of the box

The box contains one magnetic solar panel for a total of 4,2w. 

To use it you must at least have a cable.

Jua Solar Charger


Fast recharge

High grip

Modular system

Everywhere use


Made in Italy 

Solar Charger Jua